Importance of Shopify – What Makes Shopify so Important Today
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In today’s world, the internet is becoming more and more ubiquitous. Apart from being a great source for information and entertainment, this is also the place where sellers advertise and even sell their wares. It has joined the entire world into a big global community, and businessmen are especially having a field day, with the entire world acting as their consumer base. All you need to do is open a website and start selling, and this is where Shopify steps up.

Shopify Coupons and Review

But why Shopify? After all, it does not take one long to open a website, and the internet is chock full of marketing tips and tricks to promote your goods. Sadly, though, things are not that easy with internet selling. Creating an ecommerce website is a tough task, and you have to take care of multiple aspects, from the look of the website to the shopping cart. Trying to do all this single-handedly is impossible, especially if you are not a techie. In such a case, the only option would be to hire a bunch of people who will take care of the website look, the technical elements, and the security, and it will not be pocket-friendly. Shopify, on the other hand, is a one-stop shop for everything you need to build your ecommerce website.


What would you need to get your online shop up and running? A great looking website with the ability to handle huge traffic, promotional platforms, and a payment gateway. Wait, that’s not all. You will need to make sure that the website is fast-loading, it looks good, and the payments are securely processed. Trying to do all of this is one gargantuan task, and Shopify takes all these hassles off your back once they step in.


For an entrepreneur just beginning their own business, money is a pretty scarce commodity. Most first business begin on a shoestring budget, and it is not easy to arrange for products to be sold and setting up an online shop with paltry cash. Shopify’s Basic package is a pretty good plan for the start-up; you get a good-looking website, a free SSL certificate, unlimited file storage, access to promotional discount coupon tools, zero transaction fees, and a blog. These are some great tools at $29 per month to begin your business with, and you can upgrade your subscription once you start making great sales.


It is highly annoying when a company advertises 24/7 support, and is really only available during the working hours. The entrepreneur works far longer hours than the executive, and hours are often quite ungodly. So, when you are checking through your new website and stumble across something you cannot really understand, you need help then and there. And Shopify will always step up in times like this. You can rest assured that if you do not find what you are looking for in their vast FAQ section, you will certainly get your answer by calling the helpdesk, or emailing them. The good people at Shopify never take more than 24 hours to reply to your email.


So you have a great website, and your products would fly off the virtual shelf, only if more people knew about them. Shopify’s App Store has a huge repertoire of marketing tools, taking care of your SEO and your blogs. Shopify marketing tools will analyse data and let you know which recent searches turned up your website, and you can target that audience with your marketing. Moreover, the bog section is a good idea in this regard. All you need to do is write a few blogs on the search keywords that showed your website, and voila! you are pulling in more traffic! And that’s not all; the App Store also has tools for offering discount coupons to the customers. You can create a discount coupon for particular products, or provide existing customers a coupon for their next purchase.


Shopify is not just great if you are starting your own business, but also if you are a freelancer and looking for a platform to showcase your work. Shopify invites designers and developers all over the world to create themes and apps for them. Once you submit yours, the theme or app will go through some stringent quality checking by Shopify’s internal team of experts, and if your work stands up to the test, it will be put up in the Theme Store or the App Store. It can be free or paid, but either way, it is a great way of letting the world know that you are doing good work.

Today, it is not easy to set up an online store and have the profits rolling in. a smarter and more knowledgeable consumer base, coupled with a wide array of options, has made the job a pretty difficult one. As a businessman, you have a lot to worry about: finance, business model, employees, and what not. A website is a huge hassle, and having someone response and acclaimed like Shopify makes it one less thing to worry about.  Actually, make that a hundred.