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PROS AND CONS OF USING SHOPIFY Shopify is considered by many as THE ecommerce solution provider to go to while setting up a new online business. Whether you are beginning your business as an online venture or transitioning from an offline to an online store, Shopify is widely regarded as the one-stop solution for all… Read More »

Cloud Hosting vs Web Hosting

To host your website on the internet you can try different kinds of hosting. You can choose from Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting and both the hosting comes with different features and things in them. If you are confused between choosing Cloud hosting and web hosting you are at the right place as today we… Read More »

All web hosting plans offered by Hostgator

In the field of web hosting, Hostgator has been a pretty popular name for many years. Hostgator has got millions of customers already, and the count has been touching new curve with passing time. The company offers various hosting plans to make sure that customer gets what he/she desires for. If you are looking forward… Read More »

Shared hosting or VPS? Which is best for me

To become a part of ever-growing world of websites, to have your own website or blog, one of the first steps you need to go through is selecting the right host. Not only the right host, but the right hosting plan also matters. I’ve seen many people always getting confused between Shared Hosting and VPS.… Read More »

Is Hostgator still good in 2014?

The blogging has become more than a hobby now for the people. The number of domains registered on the World Wide Web (www) justifies the fact. The bloggers have created a whole new virtual world by providing each possible information on our computer screen. However, the bloggers need some good hosting plans to pursue their… Read More »

How Hostgator is best for WordPress blogs?

The internet is now home of the millions of websites and domains. The people across the world are using the internet like never before and doing all their work by using the websites registered on it. This boom of domains and websites has opened the wide gates of opportunity for the hosting service providers as… Read More »