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Top 5 Shopify Themes For Artists 2017

If you are an artist, then Shopify can be your best buddy for building innovative and designer websites with the help of a myriad of interesting themes available out there. The themes offered by Shopify are the best-in-class and tends to bring out the inner creativity of an artist to develop the most intriguing website. Shopify allows the artists to build their own imaginative world with the help of some interesting themes.

Top 5 Shopify Themes For Artists 2017

If you are on a website designing project, then these top Shopify themes might help you out. Have a glance:

Ella Responsive Shopify Template For Artists

This is considered to be the most responsive Shopify theme that lets the artists carve out their designs with much ease. Ella offers a beautiful combination of color mix & match along with interesting patterns for banners and blocks that would impart a gorgeous look to the overall layout of the website. Ella offers a special module that displays all the categories and would help the customers in finding their desired item at the first impression on the website.

Top 5 Shopify Themes For Artists - Ella Shopify Themes

Ella also brings about improvements in the use of Tag for filtering the products on the basis of size, brand, color, price and so more. With the responsive design principle, Ella lets the designing of the website that is desktop as well as smartphone-friendly.



YourStore – Shopify theme


Best 5 Shopify Themes For Artists - YourStore Shopify theme

With a plethora of layout and designing options, YourStore serves as a one-stop platform for the website designers to plan out the overall architecture of the website with much ease. The Premium version of the YourStore Shopify theme comes with a set of free and advanced features that would make the website designing a simpler process. There is the provision of innovative designing, UI interface, advanced functionality and extensive support for documentation for ease of website designing.


Avenue – Responsive Shopify Theme


Shopify Themes For Artists - Avenue Shopify theme

This is another range of the responsive Shopify theme that lets the artists create a highly responsive website to be used on both desktops as well as on smartphones. Avenue offers clean and neat design options that would boost the online website design. With the presence of unique features like responsive website design, optimized display, detailed documentation, the inclusion of PSD files, variant color options and so more; Avenue could be the best theme for the creative artists out there.


Quickshop – Responsive Drag&Drop Shopify Theme

Top 5 Shopify Themes For Artists - Quickshop - Responsive Drag&Drop Shopify Theme

Another user-friendly Shopify theme, Quickshop offers excellent responsive website design capabilities to the creative designers along with a wide range of color combinations to enhance the overall look. Quickshop offers the ease of drag & drop website design, several new designs, customized image sizing, and new headers for excellent website designing experience. With its clean design and excellent feature list, Quickshop too has formed the list of the best Shopify theme for the artists.


Everything – Multipurpose Premium Responsive Shopify Themes – Fashion, Electronics, Cosmetics, Gifts

Top 5 Shopify Themes For Artists - Everything - Multipurpose Premium Responsive Shopify Themes Fashion Electronics Cosmetics Gifts

This unique Shopify theme for the website designers offers multipurpose features for the ease of website designing. This theme can be used to create several websites of different niches like fashion, gifts, cosmetics, electronics and so more. This theme is responsive and highly compatible with various website designing platforms.


If you are an artist, then look out for these excellent Shopify themes for website designing.

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5 Best Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store 2017

5 Best Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store 2017

Online fashion stores should be attractive, bright and appealing. They should also be responsive and user friendly so shopping is made easy for the users. If you are looking forward to building a fashion store website with Shopify, here are five themes that will not fail to bedazzle your customers.

Top 5 Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store 2017

Belle – Clothing and Fashion Shopify Theme

5 Best Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store - Belle Clothing and Fashion Shopify Theme demo

Belle is a beautiful, modern and fully responsive theme which offers drag and drop feature to build a bold fashion website. The theme supports videos, size charts and short descriptions for every product, so you can flaunt them in style. There are three stunning demos and over 300 options for the admin to control the website. There is no coding required can be customized easily. Belle offers a detailed description guide and around the clock customer service to solve your queries if any.


O2 Fashion Store Theme for Shopify

Top 5 Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store O2 Fashion Store demo

A fully responsive theme O2 is flexible and offers drag and drop features to build website. It has a minimalistic, clean and classy design on which fashion stores would look wonderful. You can arrange your product information in different tabs with separate titles and content. There are five customizable tabs and you have a wide choice of fonts and colours to select from. The theme is also SEO optimized and has a clean code base, CSS and JS compression, rich snippets and mobile friendly making your website searchable by search engines.



5 Best Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store -Jasper Theme shopify fashion theme demo

Jasper is a highly customizable theme for Shopify. You can create an attractive fashion store website in no time. There are 6 different content layout options and 2 main layout options – Boxed and Fullwidth. There are different header and footer styles that are highly customizable. The look of the website can be changed easily with style management tool. There is a built-in megamenu that comes with Jasper so you can create mega menu’s without any addition of third party app. It also offers multi-currency support allowing instant conversion so you can serve clients from different locations.



Best Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store - Infinity Drag and drop fashion theme demo

Infinity is a multi-purpose theme for Shopify which has a modern and clean interface. The theme is fully responsive so your website can run on all types of devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. It is a ready to use theme and has been developed especially for fashion stores dealing in clothes and accessories. The beauty of the theme is distinct from the other themes and will make your website stand out from the rest. It features Ajax cart, filter, multi-language, multi-currencies and is compatible with all modern browsers.



Best Shopify Themes for a Fashion Store - Topcom fashion store theme demo

Topcom is another modern and fully responsive Shopify ecommerce theme. The theme is easy to install, configure and customize. All the layouts are responsive and it comes with 3 different header and menu styles. You can also upload your logo and favicon. It supports Google fonts and icons and also have a variety of colour options. The quick view and wish list feature makes shopping hassle free for your customers. The theme has been well documented and features a detailed guide about its installation.




Shopify was founded in 2004, by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Wienand, and Scott Lake. The three were attempting to create a website for selling snowboarding equipment, and the options that they found available for building a website did not look promising at all. Hence, Shopify was born, your one-stop solution for everything you will ever need to build your own ecommerce website.

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Since its inception in 2004, Shopify has grown to gigantic proportions. They are currently a public company, with high value shares, and cater to a global population. Thousands of happy customers across the world will testify Shopify’s success with glowing reviews; the company is highly professional, their policies are transparent, and their support system is quite top-notch.

In this article, let us take a look at what makes Shopify the best in the business.


This is one of the key features of any ecommerce solutions platform. It is irritating if it is two in the morning, and you are stuck with one part of your website that is not working as it should be. It is even more irritating if the support staff doesn’t respond to your panicked calls. Sadly, this is the scenario with many platforms, but Shopify steers clear of such issues. The huge FAQ database on Shopify’s website will take care of most technical issues you might be facing, and if that is not enough, you can call, ping, or email the experts at Shopify. The wait time for a reply to an email is a maximum of 24 hours. And they have four international numbers, which means that you can call from almost any part of the world.



There are over a hundred themes for you to choose from. The Theme Store at Shopify provides you with a huge array of themes that will cater to virtually every conceivable business, ranging from clothing and food to real estate and education. Some of the themes are paid while others are free, and you can take your pick with respect to your business type and budget. Shopify invites individual designers to create and showcase themes, which are then scrutinized by Shopify’s internal team, following which it is put up in the Theme Store for the customers. And the themes are all beautiful, with bare minimum being the motto of the designers.


The App Store at Shopify is a great place to shop for some apps to make conducting your business as hassle free as it can get. There is a huge repertoire of apps and tools to choose from to make it easy for you to conduct your business. The apps are developed by individual developers, and it is only after stringent checks by Shopify that they are showcased in the App Store.  This is one of the best things about Shopify; with its huge store of tools, you can ensure that every aspect of the website is taken care of, from discount coupons to newsletters.


An ecommerce website faces the huge challenge of getting its customers to trust it. And that is understandable; online purchases often involve departing with sensitive financial information like bank details, and credit and debit card information. Online financial frauds are a well known, unfortunate fact, and this is where Shopify scores over other ecommerce solution companies.  Shopify hires security researchers to ensure that the website they build will not be susceptible to hacking attacks. Besides, websites built through Shopify will come with a free SSL certificate, so there is no chance of your browser being blocked, and a website with the ‘Secure’ sign is always more trustworthy.


Shopify does not only make sure that payments are secure. Shopify’s websites can be integrated with almost any type of payment gateways. Recently, Shopify has started something called the POS, which enable the website to accept payments though virtually any gateway. And that’s not all. You can also choose to integrate your website with Shopify’s own payment gateway, which will not only be faster but also make you exempt from transaction fees, and incur lower credit card charges.


According to research, the average user spends about 4 seconds on a webpage, and any website by extension. The seller has that much time to engage the reader, and convert the attention into sales. And a slow moving website spells doom in this area. Shopify ensures that the websites they build are as fast as a squirrel on coffee. The load time is less than two seconds on any page, despite the fact that commerce websites are pretty heavy, what with all the images. And, since the websites are double and triple checked from every angle, you can rest assured that the customer will not just stumble upon a technical glitch that will make them leave the website and go elsewhere.


You can avail of some pretty good marketing tools with the basic Shopify package, costing only $29 per month. With this, you will get the SEO package, which will analyse search trends that show up your website. You can create blogs based on these search trends, and increase your visibility. Apart from this, there are coupons which you can provide your customers to keep them coming back for better experience.


This is the best part about Shopify; they take care of every part of your business website, so that you don’t have to worry about technological issues any time of the day. And if a glitch does come up, you can simply give their customer support a call and receive help from very helpful and pleasant people.  Not only hosting, Shopify will also take care of all security and software updates, so that you will continue getting the best service all throughout your career as an entrepreneur.


You got a website made and hosted by Shopify, but would like to make some tweaks on your own? Not to worry, because Shopify’s websites are fully customizable and quite open to changes. Sure, Shopify uses their own coding language, Liquid, but it is fairly easy to learn of you are already a developer and very patient with developers attempting to learn Liquid to make changes in their website.


This is a great feature of Shopify. According to estimates, around two-thirds of customers add products to their carts, and leave it there. Either they forgot about the product, or got busy with something else. Shopify tracks down those carts and emails the customer, notifying them about the products still present in their cart. This leads to considerable recovery of potentially lost customers.

Today, Shopify earns an annual revenue of $220 billion, and that is in the United States alone. Shopify operates in numerous countries across the globe. The growth rate is charted at about a 17% increase each year. The success of this company, amid huge competition, lies in its competitive prices, and highly transparent policies.



Shopify is considered by many as THE ecommerce solution provider to go to while setting up a new online business. Whether you are beginning your business as an online venture or transitioning from an offline to an online store, Shopify is widely regarded as the one-stop solution for all your website requirements.

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Here, let us take a look at the yays and nays of Shopify.


Let u begin with what makes Shopify one of the most sought after ecommerce solution providers across the globe.


Shopify Coupons

Pros of Shopify


It is not easy to find an online solution provider that is really always there to answer your queries. And it can become immensely frustrating when you have to wait for hours or even days to hear back from the customer service or the experts. Most 24/7 support claims only translate to the working hours and days. Shopify, on the other hand, is at your beck and call 24/7, literally. And their extensive FAQ section covers a lot of potential questions about pricing and troubleshooting. If you have to shoot an email instead of chat or call, you can safely expect to hear back within 24 hours.

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Customers often have to make online payments to make an online purchase, which means they have to expose sensitive financial information to the website owner, the developers, and the third party payment gateway, if any. That is definitely a daunting idea for customers, and a single mistake leading to financial hassle for the customer can spell doom for the company. By providing seamless integration of third party payment gateways, and the new Shopify POS that accepts almost all gateways, Shopify ensures hassle-free transactions for both parties. Apart from this, Shopify double checks its security system through security researchers to make the platform hack-free.


Shopify’s App Store and Theme Store are veritable treasure houses for the new business. You have a wide array of themes and tools to choose from to ensure that when your business opens, it is glitch-free. There are over a hundred paid and free themes to choose from, catering to businesses ranging from clothing and makeup to education and miscellaneous products. The App Store has every conceivable app you may possibly need to make your business easier, from discount coupons to promotional pop ups. The apps and themes are developed by independent developers and designers, and undergo a stringent quality check by Shopify before they are put up in the Stores.



Shopify does leave much to be desired in the following areas.

Cons of Shopify


An easy-to-use interface is necessary for every ecommerce platform, and Shopify does fall somewhat short on that account. Some of the jargon used by Shopify can be pretty misleading and even downright incomprehensible for the user. For instance, instead of calling them ‘Categories’, you need to categorise your products into ‘Collections’, something that might not be comprehensive right away to the novice user. While this is not a huge con, it can become disconcerting if you have to spend time on understanding which word means what.


Shopify charges are pretty steep, staring at the basic package for $29 and going up to $299 for the advanced package. You also have to be careful with the themes and apps you choose to add to your platform; not all of them will be free, and some will run a monthly bill. Besides, Shopify also charges you a transaction fee in case of sales, which might be less than desirable for a new business. This is not applicable to all plans, so read the fine print carefully before committing to anything.


Unlike most other ecommerce solution providing companies that use CSS and PHP- universally known coding language- to create their platforms, Shopify uses Liquid, their own coding language. This makes it considerably difficult for the user to make small changes to the system when required, without having to resort to asking for help from Shopify. The language is fairly easy to learn, and the experts on the Shopify team are willing to assist, but it still makes for a rather irritating experience.


Thousands of happy customers and the revenue sheet make it quite clear that Shopify is, indeed, the ecommerce solution provider to go to. There are certain drawbacks, but there are ample good things to offset them. In the end, a lot of it is in the user’s hand, and there is no bypassing the fact that Shopify dos make life easier for new entrepreneurs.


How to start up your very first blog without breaking the bank

Many people stay away from creating websites or blogs because they are worried about the fact that they will have to pay to start it up. People might think that it will cost them a ton of money to start up a website. However, the real truth is that with many hosting providers, you can find tons of deals that will allow you to pay next to nothing for the creation of your website. Yes, many hosting providers want to attract a large variety of audiences. One of the biggest sources of hosting purchases is from people who just want to build a website for the first time and see if it will appeal to them. The easiest way to do this is use Hostgator which comes with one click installs via cPanel. But, if they are not sure if it’s right for them or not, they probably will not want to pay a lot of money just to test one out.

starting a blog with hostgator

To attract these people, some hosting providers give very cheap prices for the first few months of hosting service, then resume at normal prices, which are also relatively cheap. Some even give one month free trials for those people who do not want to put even a single cent into their hosting. However, these types of deals can attract people who have created websites before and know exactly what they can expect. Because, who doesn’t want to save lots of money?

Hosting providers also have many other incentives for people looking to save a lot of money on their hosting. For example, many hosting providers will give you a free domain if your purchase their hosting, meaning you will not have to buy a domain name separately and spend even more money.

All of these things are great for people looking to save a lot of money. They will not have to invest too much, and will not lose much money if they decide to not continue working on their websites.
Many people are interested in building websites, but do not do it, because they do not want to spend money on them. However, the benefits you could gain from building a website are plenty and are well worth the little amount you will have to pay. If you are one of these people, think about the amazing things you can do with a website. For example, if you are part of a small business, you could make a website for it that could greatly increase the amount of customers that you get. If you do create a website for a small business, make sure you include tons of information about your business that will make people interested in your website.

If you just want to create a blog to share your ideas and opinions with the internet, that is fine too. The possibilities for a website are endless. And with such little amounts of money being spent, you can experiment with websites without going bankrupt. Hopefully this information has given you some insight into the fact that creating a website might actually be cheaper than you might think.

Cloud Hosting vs Web Hosting

To host your website on the internet you can try different kinds of hosting. You can choose from Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting and both the hosting comes with different features and things in them. If you are confused between choosing Cloud hosting and web hosting you are at the right place as today we are going to compare the features of both the hosting.

Web Hosting

Under Web hosting users are provided space on the internet for the hosting their websites on the internet. The Web Hosting companies allocate space on the servers which allows them to upload their websites on the internet and access them via the World Wide Web. Your website is hosted on a single server and there is no guarantee of 100% uptime.

Cloud Hosting

Similar to Web Hosting, Cloud hosting also allows people to host their websites on the internet. Cloud Hosting companies allocate space on the online web for hosting of website. Instead of single server you will get multiple servers for a single cluster in Cloud Hosting. The architecture of Cloud Hosting comes with high hardware, performance servers which is suitable for large organizations and people who want 100% uptime because if one server fails to work in Cloud hosting, other server associated with the same cluster will back it up.

Cloud Hosting vs Web Hosting

Some Differences between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting Provider

Some differences which will help you in understanding better about cloud hosting and web hosting are shared below.

Data Limits & Availability

When you choose for web hosting you choose a particular plan or package and if you run short on bandwidth, disk space you can simply upgrade your package. You can easily pay for monthly or yearly basis for the web hosting packages. If you are having a huge business which experience high traffic then you should opt for a package with high bandwidth and disk space.

In Cloud Hosting you can adjust the bandwidth and storage as per your needs. In a way you can create your very own flexible package in Cloud hosting. You will only pay for the bandwidth which is being used by your website. If your website is experiencing high traffic, cloud servers will redirect it to servers which are having less traffic thus avoiding congestion and lagging.


Under Web hosting you have to rely on the server’s team for the running of your website. If the servers where your website is hosted, your website will also fail and won’t work, whereas in cloud hosting if any problem arises you don’t need to back up your data and transfer it to other hosting provider as cloud servers come with backup systems which will work if the main server start getting any problems. Your data will automatically get retrieved without any downtime.

We hope now it is clear to you about the features one gets in web hosting and cloud hosting. If you are having any questions in mind, use the comments section below.


All web hosting plans offered by Hostgator

In the field of web hosting, Hostgator has been a pretty popular name for many years. Hostgator has got millions of customers already, and the count has been touching new curve with passing time. The company offers various hosting plans to make sure that customer gets what he/she desires for. If you are looking forward to know about all web hosting plans offered by Hostgator, then just keep reading ahead, as I’m providing info about them in this single article itself.

hostgator plans

Hosting Plans Offered by Hostgator

1. Shared Hosting

If you are looking to get hosting for new website/blog, then Shared Hosting is what is meant for you. It’s the most economical way to start a website. In this hosting type, you get shared server, means a server that serves websites/blogs of other customers too. This hosting type has got its own pros and cons. I’d recommend it to all those of you who want to host a new website or blog. In the Shared Hosting, Hostgator offers various plans.

Hatchling Plan

If you want to host just one domain, go for this plan. You get Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Baby Plan

Recommended to those who are satisfied with the features the above plan offers, but just want to host unlimited domains.

Business Plan

If along with the features you get in Baby Plan, you want free Private SSL & IP and free Toll Free Number, then opt for this plan.

Pricing of Shared Hosting Plans 

Pricing depends on which out of the above listed plans you opt for. It also depends on the time for which you want to pay at once. Of course, the final amount you need to pay depends on whether you use coupon code or not? And how much discount you avail with your coupon code?

2. VPS Hosting

The Shared Hosting plan does not let you install specific packages or software. To install them, you can opt for VPS Hosting. Like the previous one, your website shares resources with other websites, but in this case, the number of websites per server, and hence the server load is less. You get root or admin access to OS installation. Like the Shared Hosting, there are many plans in VPS Hosting too. Just go with the one that suits you requirements in the best manner. Of course, the pricing differs from one plan to the other.

3. Dedicated Servers

Want to make your website share all resources of server? Then then hosting type is meant for you. Hostgator offers Dedicated Servers which are recommended to you if your website receives tons of traffic everyday. You also get full root or admin access like a VPS. Hostgator offers different plans at different prices in this type. You can check out all plans on official website of Hostgator.

4. Reseller Hosting

If you want to start your own mini web hosting business, then Reseller Hosting offered by Hostgator is meant for you. Go for the plan that meets your wishes in the best way. More are your requirements, higher is the plan you need to opt for, and hence, more is you need to pay.

Final Words

HostGator is known for delivering the best service to its esteemed customers. Properly analyze your requirements, then properly check out the plans, the features every plan offers, and make the right selection. Nothing can be obtained in regretting later, agree?

Shared hosting or VPS? Which is best for me

To become a part of ever-growing world of websites, to have your own website or blog, one of the first steps you need to go through is selecting the right host. Not only the right host, but the right hosting plan also matters. I’ve seen many people always getting confused between Shared Hosting and VPS. If you are also struggling to decide if you should opt for Shared Hosting or VPS, then you must read out this post, as it will give you a satisfactory answer.

Since you are doubtful if Shared Hosting or VPS is meant for you, I believe you don’t know much about these two hosting types. To make this article help you and an easy read for you, I’m providing the complete info about these two hosting types. Do read ahead!

All About Shard Hosting 

Shared Hosting is the most used hosting and is mostly loved by people running new websites or blogs. In this hosting service, you share a common server with other users of the hosting provider.

I’d recommend it to you if you are looking forward to host a new blog or website with low traffic. Since this costs low, so you can afford it easily. Here are major pros of using Shared Hosting.

Pros of Shared Hosting

  • Nothing less than boon for new websites or blogs with low traffic.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Since the server is maintained by the provider, so you don’t need to put any efforts in it.
  • You get the power to install all popular software and scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Cons of Shared Hosting

  • Since you use shared server in this hosting type, so you have limited resources.
  • Uploading adult or illegal content on the server by any other user of server may affect your website’s reputation in eyes of search engines.
  • Limited customer support.
  • Problems with security and backup.
  • The server uptime may not be that good as you expect it to be.

All About VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Just as the name suggests, in this hosting type, you get private virtual server of your own. VPS is meant for you if you are looking forward to host a website or blog with very high traffic on it.

Pros of VPS Hosting

  • Huge storage space and bandwidth gives you immense power.
  • You get top-notch security of your websites.
  • Taking regular backup of data is simple when you use VPS.
  • 24/7 customer service is provided to VPS users. So, you can be in touch with hosting provider anytime you want to.

Cons of VPS Hosting

  • You need to have skills to maintain the stuff. If you don’t have them, you can hire an administrator to do the things for you. This puts an extra burden on your pocket.
  • Since it’s costly, so opt for it only if you have enough money with you.

Which One is Best for You?

Don’t ask this question to anyone, ask it to yourself instead. Only you can answer it properly. Pros and Cons of both types of hosting are right there in front of you. Analyze them and decide which hosting type meets your requirements, and go for that right away. Whatever is your choice, Hostgator is one company which provides best in the class shared and VPS hosting. You can also use a Hostgator promo code to make their cheap plans even cheaper. So, what’s holding you now? Get a world class web hosting for your blog/website now.

Is Hostgator still good in 2014?

The blogging has become more than a hobby now for the people. The number of domains registered on the World Wide Web (www) justifies the fact. The bloggers have created a whole new virtual world by providing each possible information on our computer screen.

However, the bloggers need some good hosting plans to pursue their dream of blogging with the utmost ease and comfort. Today, there are many website hosting providers like Hostgator, Arvixe, Bluehost, InMotion and others.

The Hostgator is one of the best among them, which is providing the uninterrupted service since last 10 years. Here is a brief review about the Hostgator including plans and features which could help you in taking an important decision while choosing a web host for your blog.
Unlimited Hosting

The unlimited hosting plan from Hostgator has 3 more sub plans; namely hatchling, baby and business plan. All the 3 sub plans have unlimited disk space and bandwidth and later two have unlimited domains too.

The price for these 3 sub plans are US $4.00/month, US $6.50/month, US $10.50/month respectively. All 3 sub plans have some common features also which include the free weebly site builder tool, SSL certificates (Shared and Private), 24×7 tech support and many more.
Reseller Hosting Plan

If you’re very much enthusiastic about to start a hosting company of your own then this reseller plan is the best for you. The Reseller hosting comes under Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond sub plans which you can choose according to the money you want to spend.

All the sub plans have unlimited numbers of domains, sub domains, e-mail accounts, cPanels, SQL database, FTP accounts and free domain reseller account, billing system, 20+ languages and many more. Now, that’s a hell of features!

The price for the plans starts from US $20.00 for the first month and US $ 25.00 for the preceding months.
VPS and Dedicated Hosting

The truly personal and private plans for the small business could be helped by the VPS and dedicated hosting plans provided by the Hostgator.

The Dedicated plans have both Linux and Windows based servers under, the plans basic, standard, elite and pro plans. While on the other hand, The VPS hosting has various snappy sub plans (500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000) to offer.

Both VPS and Dedicated server plans have the very personal and secure approach for the customers. They deal with your privacy with utmost preference and provide you the much needed security while you’re trying to establish a business.
Wrap Up

The Hostgator is truly a pioneer while we talk about the web hosting companies available in the market.  The most essential feature about the Hostgator is that they do not compromise with the security what so ever the condition is.

The 24×7 online support via live chat, phone contact, topic wise questionnaire and much more facilities are here to please you while choosing the Hostgator.

If you are already a customer of Hostgator then we would like to hear a word of experience from you which can even make the decision easier for the other rookies who are opting for the Hostgator first time.

So, as we seen, Hostgator is still going strong in 2014, customers are happy with them. So, you can buy their service without any hesitation. Don’t forget to use a Hostgator coupon code to save hundreds of dollars.

How Hostgator is best for WordPress blogs?

The internet is now home of the millions of websites and domains. The people across the world are using the internet like never before and doing all their work by using the websites registered on it.

This boom of domains and websites has opened the wide gates of opportunity for the hosting service providers as well. These days many web hosting companies like Bluehost, InMotion, Arvixe, Webydo and others are blossoming in the market.

However, the bloggers, which are using WordPress for setting up their blog have something different for them. The Hostgator is the best hosting provider for you, if you’re planning to start a blog on WordPress or looking for the renewal options.

Why Hostgator?

The question which rises here is what is so special Hostgator is offering that one should choose it?

Regarding to this, I just have say that it has the best service and technical support while you’re in the midst of a failure or hacking threat. The above two mentioned features are I guess the most vital for any blogger in the world.

Apart from the above, the Hostgator has many more things to offer you. Here below is the list of them.

Unlimited Webhosting Plans: – It is the best plan in the genre with the unbelievable price of US $4.00/month. Choosing this plan also gives you option of money back within 45 days in case of disagreement and it has the unlimited disk space/bandwidth just like its name.

Reseller Hosting: – If you’re planning to start up your own hosting venture, then, this could be the best deal for you; starting @ US $20.00/month.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting: – These plans will do all the needful things to quench the thrust of dedicated hosting for the bloggers.

The Support

The Hostgator has the best support system in the world of web hosting. It has the always online live chat option and topic wise questionnaire model which makes it very handful to find the exact solution rather than wasting time in rounding things.

Here is a list of topics which you can browse on Hostgator.

  • cPanel
  • Webhost Manager
  • SSL Certificates
  • Offers and Bonus
  • Affiliates
  • Billing
  • Account Add-ons

The features mentioned above certainly make the Hostgator a best hosting service provider which it has been doing since last 10 years and hosting millions of domains.

Wrap Up

The WordPress blogs are very much popular as it has the best user friendly nature for the bloggers and I recommend the Hostgator for the very same reason. The Hostgator is the best in the market also because of its ample number of hosting plan options and support service.

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