Shared hosting or VPS? Which is best for me

By | September 2, 2014
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To become a part of ever-growing world of websites, to have your own website or blog, one of the first steps you need to go through is selecting the right host. Not only the right host, but the right hosting plan also matters. I’ve seen many people always getting confused between Shared Hosting and VPS. If you are also struggling to decide if you should opt for Shared Hosting or VPS, then you must read out this post, as it will give you a satisfactory answer.

Since you are doubtful if Shared Hosting or VPS is meant for you, I believe you don’t know much about these two hosting types. To make this article help you and an easy read for you, I’m providing the complete info about these two hosting types. Do read ahead!

All About Shard Hosting 

Shared Hosting is the most used hosting and is mostly loved by people running new websites or blogs. In this hosting service, you share a common server with other users of the hosting provider.

I’d recommend it to you if you are looking forward to host a new blog or website with low traffic. Since this costs low, so you can afford it easily. Here are major pros of using Shared Hosting.

Pros of Shared Hosting

  • Nothing less than boon for new websites or blogs with low traffic.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Since the server is maintained by the provider, so you don’t need to put any efforts in it.
  • You get the power to install all popular software and scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Cons of Shared Hosting

  • Since you use shared server in this hosting type, so you have limited resources.
  • Uploading adult or illegal content on the server by any other user of server may affect your website’s reputation in eyes of search engines.
  • Limited customer support.
  • Problems with security and backup.
  • The server uptime may not be that good as you expect it to be.

All About VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Just as the name suggests, in this hosting type, you get private virtual server of your own. VPS is meant for you if you are looking forward to host a website or blog with very high traffic on it.

Pros of VPS Hosting

  • Huge storage space and bandwidth gives you immense power.
  • You get top-notch security of your websites.
  • Taking regular backup of data is simple when you use VPS.
  • 24/7 customer service is provided to VPS users. So, you can be in touch with hosting provider anytime you want to.

Cons of VPS Hosting

  • You need to have skills to maintain the stuff. If you don’t have them, you can hire an administrator to do the things for you. This puts an extra burden on your pocket.
  • Since it’s costly, so opt for it only if you have enough money with you.

Which One is Best for You?

Don’t ask this question to anyone, ask it to yourself instead. Only you can answer it properly. Pros and Cons of both types of hosting are right there in front of you. Analyze them and decide which hosting type meets your requirements, and go for that right away. Whatever is your choice, Hostgator is one company which provides best in the class shared and VPS hosting. You can also use a Hostgator promo code to make their cheap plans even cheaper. So, what’s holding you now? Get a world class web hosting for your blog/website now.