How to start up your very first blog without breaking the bank

By | May 20, 2015
How to start up your very first blog without breaking the bank
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Many people stay away from creating websites or blogs because they are worried about the fact that they will have to pay to start it up. People might think that it will cost them a ton of money to start up a website. However, the real truth is that with many hosting providers, you can find tons of deals that will allow you to pay next to nothing for the creation of your website. Yes, many hosting providers want to attract a large variety of audiences. One of the biggest sources of hosting purchases is from people who just want to build a website for the first time and see if it will appeal to them. The easiest way to do this is use Hostgator which comes with one click installs via cPanel. But, if they are not sure if it’s right for them or not, they probably will not want to pay a lot of money just to test one out.

starting a blog with hostgator

To attract these people, some hosting providers give very cheap prices for the first few months of hosting service, then resume at normal prices, which are also relatively cheap. Some even give one month free trials for those people who do not want to put even a single cent into their hosting. However, these types of deals can attract people who have created websites before and know exactly what they can expect. Because, who doesn’t want to save lots of money?

Hosting providers also have many other incentives for people looking to save a lot of money on their hosting. For example, many hosting providers will give you a free domain if your purchase their hosting, meaning you will not have to buy a domain name separately and spend even more money.

All of these things are great for people looking to save a lot of money. They will not have to invest too much, and will not lose much money if they decide to not continue working on their websites.
Many people are interested in building websites, but do not do it, because they do not want to spend money on them. However, the benefits you could gain from building a website are plenty and are well worth the little amount you will have to pay. If you are one of these people, think about the amazing things you can do with a website. For example, if you are part of a small business, you could make a website for it that could greatly increase the amount of customers that you get. If you do create a website for a small business, make sure you include tons of information about your business that will make people interested in your website.

If you just want to create a blog to share your ideas and opinions with the internet, that is fine too. The possibilities for a website are endless. And with such little amounts of money being spent, you can experiment with websites without going bankrupt. Hopefully this information has given you some insight into the fact that creating a website might actually be cheaper than you might think.