All web hosting plans offered by Hostgator

By | September 8, 2014
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In the field of web hosting, Hostgator has been a pretty popular name for many years. Hostgator has got millions of customers already, and the count has been touching new curve with passing time. The company offers various hosting plans to make sure that customer gets what he/she desires for. If you are looking forward to know about all web hosting plans offered by Hostgator, then just keep reading ahead, as I’m providing info about them in this single article itself.

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Hosting Plans Offered by Hostgator

1. Shared Hosting

If you are looking to get hosting for new website/blog, then Shared Hosting is what is meant for you. It’s the most economical way to start a website. In this hosting type, you get shared server, means a server that serves websites/blogs of other customers too. This hosting type has got its own pros and cons. I’d recommend it to all those of you who want to host a new website or blog. In the Shared Hosting, Hostgator offers various plans.

Hatchling Plan

If you want to host just one domain, go for this plan. You get Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Baby Plan

Recommended to those who are satisfied with the features the above plan offers, but just want to host unlimited domains.

Business Plan

If along with the features you get in Baby Plan, you want free Private SSL & IP and free Toll Free Number, then opt for this plan.

Pricing of Shared Hosting Plans 

Pricing depends on which out of the above listed plans you opt for. It also depends on the time for which you want to pay at once. Of course, the final amount you need to pay depends on whether you use coupon code or not? And how much discount you avail with your coupon code?

2. VPS Hosting

The Shared Hosting plan does not let you install specific packages or software. To install them, you can opt for VPS Hosting. Like the previous one, your website shares resources with other websites, but in this case, the number of websites per server, and hence the server load is less. You get root or admin access to OS installation. Like the Shared Hosting, there are many plans in VPS Hosting too. Just go with the one that suits you requirements in the best manner. Of course, the pricing differs from one plan to the other.

3. Dedicated Servers

Want to make your website share all resources of server? Then then hosting type is meant for you. Hostgator offers Dedicated Servers which are recommended to you if your website receives tons of traffic everyday. You also get full root or admin access like a VPS. Hostgator offers different plans at different prices in this type. You can check out all plans on official website of Hostgator.

4. Reseller Hosting

If you want to start your own mini web hosting business, then Reseller Hosting offered by Hostgator is meant for you. Go for the plan that meets your wishes in the best way. More are your requirements, higher is the plan you need to opt for, and hence, more is you need to pay.

Final Words

HostGator is known for delivering the best service to its esteemed customers. Properly analyze your requirements, then properly check out the plans, the features every plan offers, and make the right selection. Nothing can be obtained in regretting later, agree?