SHOPIFY Review 2017 and Coupons

SHOPIFY Review 2017 and Coupons
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Shopify is a Canada-based e-commerce company, with its headquarters in Ontario. It was established in 2004 Scott Lake, Tobias Lutke, and Daniel Wienand. It is interesting to know that the trio was attempting to build an online shopping center for snowboarding equipment, and, unhappy with the services they were getting, decided to open a company that would cater to similar requirements.

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Here, let us look at the pros and cons of using Shopify’s services.


Shopify is, hands down, one of the best e-commerce providers in the market. Their business model is perfect, and they are known to be one of the easiest to work with, something that the numerous customer success stories will verify. Let’s see why.


This is definitely one of the best features Shopify has to offer. The company invites vendors such as online tool providers and theme designers to showcase their products on the Shopify platform. Customers can incorporate these products into the website that Shopify builds for them. This helps the customer get everything they need to build a website at one place. Shopify’s App Store has a wide variety of tools and apps that are custom made to suit businesses catering to food, clothing, housing, job portals, event management, education- the list goes on. The apps are made by individual designers who are invited by Shopify, and they get included in the App Store only after stringent quality control by Shopify’s internal team.


That is one of the best things about Shopify; there is something for each pocket. Their App store has over 1400 tools to choose from, and not all of them are priced. So, if you can strike a nice balance between the paid and the free tools, you will have a fine website built at a pretty pocket-friendly budget.

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Shopify’s Theme Store has on offer over a hundred themes for you to choose from. It is well known by online sellers and customers alike that a website has to look good, and be easily navigable. Not only that, they must also suit the purpose of the website. Browsing through Shopify’s Theme Store will present the seller with a wide array of options. The themes are custom made for housing jewellery, clothes, educational items, etc. The themes are created by expert designers, and double checked for quality by Shopify’s internal team of designers, so you can take your pick from the free and paid themes listed.


How many times have you seen the phrase ‘round-the-clock support’, only to have the phone ring on and an automated message pop up after you ping during late hours? It can be frustrating when you need something urgently fixed. And that is where Shopify wins over other e-commerce companies. They are truly available round the clock, over phone, email, and chat. It is alright even if you are not in the US; there are four international numbers, so you can simply dial the one that is appropriate for your location.


These are the two factors all ecommerce platforms swear by. First of all, the website cannot be slow at all. According to certain studies, a customer will spend around 4 seconds on an average on a webpage. If you website is too slow to load, you have probably lost a customer. This is tricky for ecommerce websites, which tend to be pretty heavy with all the images packed in, but Shopify guarantees you a website that will open in a flash.


It is kind of tough to get customers to trust an ecommerce website, since credit cards, debit cards, and banking information are associated with purchasing something online. Shopify take the load off your shoulders with their team of security researchers who ensure that the system cannot be hacked, and all the customers’ financial information stay encrypted and secure.


The Shopify App Store has a range of coupons that allow the seller to provide easy to use coupons to the customer. Take, for instance, the Coupon+ app, that applies discounts automatically, so that the customer does not have to manually type or copy-paste the coupon in the box. And then there is the Thank You Coupon, which allows you to provide your customers with a discount of your choice on their second purchase. The plugin is customizable, so that you can decide the discount amount and the minimum cart value on which the coupon will be valid.



Like everything else, Shopify is not perfect, yet. To be fair, they have been trying their best, and have succeeded in fixing quite a few of the problems they began with. Let’s take a look at the few downsides that might deter you from using their services.


The monthly pricing is pretty steep, especially if you are starting a new business and are a bit cash-strapped. At $29 dollars a month, you only get the basic plan that does not cover quite a few essential aspects of online selling, such as fraud analysis, abandoned cart recovery, and professional reports. You will be getting all that if you shell out $79 a month. Next, you have the Advanced Shopify package, which is a whopping $299 a month. While the package is lucrative and you get all that you really need to get your business rolling, it seems a bit much for the entrepreneur still looking to set up a website.


It is not as bad as it looks. Monthly bills to Shopify might look heavier, but only if you have purchased some paid apps and tools to integrate into your website. Not all the apps are free, so be careful while choosing them. Apart from that, Shopify charges you with a sales-based platform transaction fee. The amount is nominal, but it does seem like an unnecessary expense.


Suppose you are using a platform like WordPress and would like to make some changes to your website all by yourself. It would be easy with WordPress since it is all in PHP. But not so with Shopify, which uses its own coding language, Liquid, which makes it rather difficult to make changes to your website without relying on Shopify’s experts, which might be annoying and a bit hard on the wallet.


Not in terms of money thankfully. But once you cancel your account with Shopify, the process is irreversible, and you will have to create a new account and website from scratch. You will probably get your product information as a CSV export, but that will be all. All other data that have been accumulated in the website during its tenure as an ecommerce platform will be permanently erased. To be honest, this is indeed a major downside, and appears as a backhanded ploy to hold on to customers.

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To simplify things for a layman, Shopify is basically like an event planner. If you are having a big wedding, it is easier to hire a wedding planner who will take care of everything from your dress to the flower arrangements. Shopify does exactly that; it takes care of the look of the website to the shopping cart, so that all you have to do is walk down the aisle to the customer.






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