2018-19 Upcoming Electric Cars in the USA Market

By | January 12, 2018
2018-19 Upcoming Electric Cars in the USA Market
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Top Electric Cars To Hit The USA Market In The Year 2018-19


The rules and regulations with regards to diesel and petrol cars are becoming tougher and tougher every passing day. These strict laws are being made keeping in mind the protection of the environment, and hence, in the future too, one can expect them to become even more strict. In fact, just a little while back, there were talks suggesting that the government may completely ban the production and sale of diesel vehicles. As a result of these laws and uncertainty, almost all the automakers across the world are heavily investing money in R&D and trying to come up with electric versions of their current models, or develop new electric cars in the future.

In the past few years we have seen many new electric cars hitting the markets, and the next couple of years are expected to see a huge surge in this segment. There is a wide range of electric cars that have been planned by all the top automakers of the world, and they will be hitting the markets very soon. The demand from the customers for these electric cars has also increased, and therefore, it has become necessary for the auto companies to not only develop new electric cars, but also make sure that the performance levels of their cars is extremely good as well.

Some of the top electric cars coming to USA in 2018-19 are as follows:

Chevy Bolt EV 2018

This car is believed to be the best electric car to hit the markets, and the performance levels of the same are expected to be so high that it will hardly face any competition in the market. It offers a driving range of 238 miles and proves that using an electric car for daily chores and purposes can be a very practical and a highly economical solution for the customers. The vehicle has been priced very reasonably as well, making it affordable for the general public. It has a large capacity battery pack, which gets fully charged in a very short time, and hence, the drivers can charge the same at any public station using the optional fast charging connection to avoid any midway break downs of the vehicle. Besides performance and economy, the cabin of the vehicle offers comfortable seating for four adults and the vehicle has ample of cargo space as well. Some of the latest infotainment and safety features are also present in the vehicle.

2018 Chevy Bolt EV Photo Gallery :


Audi E-Tron

This vehicle is going to be an electric version of the E-Tron Quattro. The vehicle will come with better styling and improved powertrain. The company gave us the first look of the vehicle at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show.  As per the concept model the same will have a 95 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery and three electric motors. One electric motor will be in the front, while the other two will be present in the rear. Together, the battery and the motors will generate a power of 369 kilowatts and a torque of 590 lb-ft. While the company claims the range of the vehicle to be 310 miles, however, this is possible only under ideal conditions. In reality, you can expect a range of 250 miles. As for the design of the vehicle, it will adopt the crossover coupe design, will have a low roofline, coupled with some of the other traditional styling elements of a typical SUV.
Audi E-Tron Photo Gallery :

Nissan Leaf

This is yet another highly affordable electric car that is about to hit the markets very soon. It is also going to offer a range of about 200 miles. The car will however come with two battery pack options, and the 200 miles range will be available only in the bigger battery pack. This second generation Leaf has some big shoes to fill since the model it replaces happens to be a very popular and successful model of the Nissan Company.

Nissan Leaf Photo Gallery :


Tesla Model 3

This model has already received a booking for more than 400000 and hence, it can be safely said, that it is one of the most highly anticipated electric cars for 2018-19. Although the company has not revealed any details about the vehicle, however, it does claim that it will offer a range of 215 miles, and will be available in the price range of about $35000.
Tesla Model 3 Photo Gallery :


BMW i5

With this vehicle, the company is planning to bridge the gap between its luxury electric car i3 and its i8 plug in hybrid which comes with low volumes. The body shell of i5 will be the same as that of i3 and i8, however, it will have a 5 door crossover body. The expected range of this model is going to be somewhere between 200 and 250 miles.

BMW i5 Photo Gallery :

BMW i5 luxury electric car 4k hd wallpaper

Besides the above two electric cars, some of the other, very highly anticipated electric cars about to the hit the US markets in the coming years include Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes Benz EQ, Porsche Mission E, Ashton Martin RapidE, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Hyundai Ioniq, and many more.