TOP 5 SHOPIFY THEME FOR PET SUPPLIES – Pet Care – Pet Service 2017

By | June 30, 2017
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Everyone knows that today the competition in the market has increased many folds when compared to the past. The success of a business does not only depend on the quality of the product but also on many others factors, one of which is a presentation. The products offered may be of good quality but if they are not presented in the right manner then they can never live up to their real potential. The market strategy has become an important part of e-commerce. When it comes to running a business online, one needs to understand that the competition is really tuff and that the customer has many options to explore. So in order to attract a customer one needs to have an x-factor that gives him an advantage over the others. Choosing the correct themes goes a long way to help in getting the attention of a customer to oneself. Animals are the most incredible creature of nature. One receives unconditional care and affection from them. They give a sense of accomplishment to people and human beings want to return their affection by taking care of them. The pet supplies store business has bloomed and people are ready to do whatever they can to get their hands on the best items for their pets. People dealing in the business of selling pet supplies need to choose carefully the theme they want. The theme that can help in portraying the products in the best possible way. The theme should not only be simplistic but also show the customers that the seller actually takes his work very seriously. Here are some of the best Shopify themes for pet supplies stores which can be their key to success:


Animer – Pet Care Shopify Theme

TOP SHOPIFY THEME FOR PET SUPPLIES - Pet Care - Pet Service - Animer - Pet Care Shopify Theme

Animer as the name itself suggests is a theme for pet supplies. It is a very responsive Shopify theme which offers almost everything which you will need to build the best website possible. It can be easily customized according to the needs of the user. Some of the most important features for online shopping like a wishlist, shopping cart, etc. have been included in this theme which makes it very handy and efficient to use. The beautiful design with the video background is surely an eye catcher and will prove to be quite useful in making the experience of the customer worthwhile. All over, it is a clean and elegant theme with a great design. People’s review has been very positive and the work put in this theme has been highly appreciated.


Petmart Responsive Shopify Theme

Best SHOPIFY THEME FOR PET SUPPLIES - Pet Care - Pet Service - Petmart Responsive Shopify Theme

This theme can help you build up the perfect online store for all sort of pet products. It is specifically designed in a graceful as well as modern manner. It is also quite easy to customize and comes with an option of three different home pages. It has a responsive design and can easily run on all multimedia devices. The quick view facility is very much liked by customers as it makes browsing through the products very easy. It comes along with advanced typography options and offers unlimited colors. It is Google mobile friendly and offers both the list and grid mode. Overall it offers a complete package with no stone left unturned.


Ap Value Shopify Theme

SHOPIFY THEME FOR PET SUPPLIES - Pet Care - Pet Service - Ap Value Shopify Theme

It is one of the most attractive Shopify themes which support three homepage layouts, with all the three of them for different types of products which not only saves a lot of money but gives you three online stores at one place. The first page is for pet services, second for fashion while the last one focuses on health services. It covers all the must-have features like quick-view, wishlist, cart and much more. You can even compare different products on the site itself. This feature surely helps the customer a lot while making a choice. The ease that this theme provides while being futuristic at the same time gives it a huge advantage over others.


Shopex – Responsive Shopify Theme

SHOPIFY THEME FOR PET SUPPLIES - Pet Care - Pet Service - Shopex - Responsive Shopify Theme

Shopex can be used for various businesses but it holds almost everything one needs to build a responsive and smooth working site for pet products. Shopex is a responsive Shopify theme and has the latest design that fascinates with its flexibility and offers many features which can be of a great help. It has something to offer to everyone. It works on the software version Shopify 2.0 and is compatible with all the leading browsers. It has had great sales and has shown steady progress.



Catchy – Sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

SHOPIFY THEME FOR PET SUPPLIES - Pet Care - Pet Service - Best Theme

Catchy is a colorful, functional and quick theme. The theme makes site management easier to deal with the pet products and accessories. Once you understand it, you will definitely think catchy has an appealing and user-friendly design. It is a well-structured easy to use and easy to customize theme with unlimited banners and sliders. This theme will definitely amaze you and will pay you back for your money.